Sass Basics (Videos)

The Lowdown on Sass

Sass is an extremely popular CSS pre-compiler. This means that you write Sassy-CSS (syntax similar to vanilla CSS) in a .SCSS file, the Sass compiler then compiles this file and outputs a ready-made .CSS file to serve. Sass is very similar to LESS, another CSS pre-compiler, though arguably Sass has become much more popular.

I absolutely love Sass, especially when implemented right. But it can be hard to get used to, and definitely difficult to wrap your mind around at first. For this reason, a close friend of mine, who also happens to be a great developer, Derik Hasvold and I made two videos on Sass basics. The first, narrated by Derik, goes over Sass basics. The second is more intermediate Sass concepts.


You can do SO MUCH MORE with Sass than what’s covered in these videos. We didn’t originally intend for these videos to be very long, in-depth tutorials on how to use Sass. Rather, we thought that we’d share a taste of the different things that Sass allows one to do.

highly recommend visiting Sass’s docs to learn more about what you can do with it, and how to make your stylesheets a bit more Sassy.

Sass Basics – Derik Hasvold

Intermediate Sass Concepts – John Turner

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