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Understanding Git Rebase

Git can be confusing... Git is the best. It's jam-packed with features for managing a codebase, and when it's used correctly, it can be a huge productivity-booster. However, because it's so full of features, and [...]

Sass Basics (Videos)

The Lowdown on Sass Sass is an extremely popular CSS pre-compiler. This means that you write Sassy-CSS (syntax similar to vanilla CSS) in a .SCSS file, the Sass compiler then compiles this file and outputs a [...]

Git – Simplified

I love git Git is absolutely great. Once I learned how to effectively utilize the tools that git offers, I discovered a large part of me (the same part that loves tidying, organization, and keeping regular backups) received [...]

Turning off System Integrity Protection (aka. Rootless)

Background OS X El Capitan comes with a nifty little security feature designed to mitigate possible attack vectors inherent to most operating systems - the ability to execute commands at the root level. This feature (called System [...]